Since September 1990 Marduk has been around, spreading shadows to sunny places. Four CD´s (including the CD release of their demo) is the result so far. Let´s hear what Mogge had to say in late January.

Are you still satisfied with Osmose?
- Yes, we are still satisfied with Osmose - with the exception of a few small fuck-ups. For example, on "Those of the Unlight" they printed the colour of our logo in the wrong colour and they placed it incorrectly on the booklet of the CD and on the album. The typesetting was also wrong - fucking unreadable. The album has been re-released though; by Osmose, with the mistake corrected. In all other aspects, Osmose Productions are doing a nearly perfect job for us, but there is always room for improvement.

What effect has it had for Marduk being without Devo Andersson?
- Being without Devo only makes everything more positive for the band. He did not bring anything to the band - just weakness and melody. As you can hear on the new album, it is far more destructive without him!

Is Devo continuing his project Overflash? - Unfortunately he is still continuing with his Overflash project - and it sounds shittier than ever!

What are you doing besides playing in Marduk and Abruptum? What are the other members of Marduk doing?
- Besides playing in Abruptum and Marduk I have not got much else going on...terrorizing my surroundings. The other members are just as me - unemployed and misanthropic.

Do you enjoy living in Norrköping, Sweden?
- Living in Norrköping is ok. The city and its surroundings have a great deal of historical sites and values. But the main city is mainly occupied by immigrants - who poison our environment. Sometimes you wonder if you are in Sweden or in Somalia!

You are going on a tour called "Winter War tour 1995" with Enslaved through Europe in February and March. I see you haven´t got a single day off during these February dates. Isn´t this extremely exhausting?
- Actually, the tour is only in February and it is 20 days; from the seventh to the twenty-sixth. The tour will travel through countries as Switzerland, Austria, Republique Tjeque, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy, and we will probably have a few days off; in Germany, where magazines as "Rock Hard" and "Metal Hammer" have decided that we are a fascistic band and refuse to print any ads with Marduk, spread/fax messages to local promoters and try to make them boycott us: The reason for this is that in a German magazine I said that we in Marduk want to prevent immigration to Sweden and that I was proud over the fact that my grandfather was a serving German officer during the second World War.

Does these tours give the bands any profit?
- Not really. The small amount of money we make on this tour will probably be used up in attempts to get real food down in these countries where the standard is far from the Swedish quality that we like so much.

What countries do you not like to play in?
- We cannot say that we hate playing in one country more than in another, since it can be very different from area to area and town to town. But the worst gig we did on "The Sons of Northern Darkness Tour 94" was the one in Copenhagen - together with one of our Holland dates. Copenhagen was the worst though. Hopefully we will never play in Denmark again. I also find it quite irritating to play in very hot countries.

Looking forward to your tour with Enslaved?
- Of course we are looking forward to touring with such a splendid act as Enslaved!

Why have to chosen to re-release "Fuck me Jesus"?
- Because of the tremendous demand. Both we and our record company still receive tons of letters with inquiries about the demo; so instead of copying the cassette hundreds of times we chose to re-release it for our die-hard fans. But..., once again the "guardians of morality" have struck a blow! The distributors in Germany, Austria, France, England, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland will refuse to distribute the CD because of the title and cover. This is too ridiculous that I do not even find words to describe it.

Do you think the Black Metal "scene" gained or lost power when Euronymous was killed?
- The murder of Euronymous was a loss for the Black metal scene - we lost our last legendary band and also a label that could have grown very big - D.S.P. But when I speak about loss I do not speak about grief - I speak about loyalty - a word unknown to some.

Any new interesting Swedish bands to look out for?
- No, the scene still consists of the same elite : Bathory, Abruptum, Marduk, Dark Funeral and Dissection.

When you signed to Osmose you signed for 3 albums. So "Fuck me Jesus should be your last release on this contract, right?
- Most likely we will sign with Osmose Productions again..., even though Herve, boss of Osmose, looks like Jesus!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Do you think the popularity of the Norwegian bands are fully deserved?
- No, I do not think the credit given to most Norwegian bands is always fully deserved, but the elite of Norway is supreme. I guess you know which bands I mean just by telling you this. Anyway..., the best bands ever to emerge from Norway, a class for themselves, have to be Mayhem, Thorns and Mysticum!

You haven´t got lyrics on any of your albums up to now, why? Don´t you think the music is given other dimensions when one can read the lyrics?
- Because of lack of interest, stress and fuck-ups, the lyrics have not been printed on any release to date. But when we come back from our "Winter War Tour" we will begin working on a sort of booklet which will look like an old Medieval tome. All the lyrics will be hand written together with a complete and up to date biography. Hopefully everything will be printed very professionally and as fast as possible. The booklet will be printed in A4-size and if we can, we will make it leather-bound. This will of course increase the price - but it will be worth it. We do not want to release any shit made unprofessionally. When it is ready it will probably be written in Osmose mailorder news.

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